Top 15 'Cronuts' in LA


According to owner Anthony Accetta,Capicola’s—known for its freshly made gourmet sandwiches—was the first to launch the Cronut craze in California with its “Croinuts,” priced at $4.99 each. The bakery started selling “Croinuts” on June 1 and has since become a hotspot for those searching far and wide for Cronut-like pastries.

Capicola’s “Croinuts” are modeled after theZeppole, a traditional Italian dessert. When the Cronut debuted in New York, Accetta knew he had to ask his mom for a recipe he could use to create something similar on the West Coast.

“Having an Italian mother, I grew up eating them [Zeppole],” he explains. “I use my mom’s recipe to make these ‘Croinuts.’”

Capicola’s features up to 24 different “Croinut” flavors at one time, with about 17 flavors featured during the weekends. “Croinut” flavors change every day—save for the most popular ones—so customers never know what they’re going to see at Capicola’s.

Accetta comes up with all the “Croinut” combinations and toppings himself. Customer favorites include the “Toto Sicilian Grand Marnier” and “Cinnamon Glaze” flavors.”

“The ‘Toto’ is filled with Bavarian cream and topped with Sicilian brownie cookies crumbles that are made with coffee and chocolate,” Accetta explains. “It has a flaky and soft interior with a crisp, crunchy exterior.”

Other featured “Croinut” flavors include “Salted Caramel with Godiva Chocolate,” “Honey Pecan,” “Nutella,” “Banana Cream,” “Peaches ‘N Cream,” “Tribute to Elvis” (made with bananas, peanut butter and filled with Bavarian cream, of course) and “Pecan Honey Orange Glazed,” among many others.

Accetta prides himself on providing the public with freshly made products.

“All of our toppings are fresh,” he says. “For example, we have chocolate and lemon wafers imported from Italy.”

It is also for that reason Accetta gives his “Croinuts” a five-hour shelf life and does not bake more once they are sold out. He also recommends customers to not put their “Croinuts” in the fridge if they buy them to go.

“Some of my customers said they went to New York City and tried the original Cronut, but they liked Capicola’s ones better,” he states proudly.

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